Welcome! This website is my Learning Webfolio #1 and #2 for the course, VCUG2002 – Leadership and Influence in a Complex World, at the Australian National University(ANU) in Semester 1, 2012.

Each menu features a key topic discussed in class over the past 13 weeks. In the form of a blog-style article post, I will make reflections based on how the themes influenced my personal thinking and learning. In these articles, I will endeavour to establish meaningful connections between the theories introduced in class with real events and issues. (Instructions: Move across the menu tab from left to right; Webfolio #1: Leadership Skills – Additional Task #1; Webfolio #2: Gender – Conclusion)

The pages also feature a short personal video diary clip intended to share my reactions to the panels/tutorials. These video clips were filmed at periodic intervals and provide a summary of the highlights of each class, especially incidents that had an impact on me personally. For the second half of this webfolio, I have introduced SNAP!(Short narrated animation pod) in place of the video diary clips (secret plan: my MAC broke down) which will provide a snapshot of the week’s topic.

In contradiction to the title of my blog, “The Leader Bored”, my aim is to showcase the compelling and fascinating aspects of leadership which I have encountered through my engagement with the course, as well as identify the deep complexities of leadership itself.

After having had the privilege of taking this course, I can confidently say that I have learned a lot about myself – a personal awareness that I am sure will serve as a firm foundation for me to develop my personal leadership brand. I am genuinely grateful for the self-development learning opportunity and am looking forward to the real-life application of my learning in the future.

*All opinions expressed in this website are my own and not of the ANU.

**Names of individuals mentioned in this webfolio have been left in this public version after obtaining permission from all individuals relevant. I thank my classmates for this.


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